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What to do first….

The one thing I hate about having an imagination is the masses of ideas upon ideas that I have trouble both in realizing in real space and making coherent. It all makes sense in my head, not so much when it leaks out the assorted crevices of my cranium.

Anywho, I suppose the first battle is what to do first. I think I’m going to work on my calender and preparations for Opet (since it’s practically a month celebration, plus the themes and the Netjeru involved are very important to me). This will also help me organize myself as the system I used for Wag last month went incredibly well and felt right. I’ve been wading through different ways of rituals and I’ve only begun to get a good grasp of what works for me.

I’ve been weighing for a while as to how I want to structure myself. I don’t like the adaption of the Netjeru to other systems. It’s not me. Others can be that way if they want, but not me. I’m not a hard-reconstructionist either. I believe there are reasons why our cultures changed and since the Netjeru allowed and embraced that change we can also. I find myself just saying “I’m Kemetic” and I think after all nine years I have in floundering along with religiously following, I think I can call myself comfortable enough to start building towards a constant path. I walk the line of at least keeping truth to the Netjeru and not the lies some spread, but not being obsessed with being exact.

Along with the plotting of the specifics of everything, I am going to challenge myself to have at least one post each day. This will help me get in to a habit of posting, allow me to practice making coherence of my thoughts, and get what I know out to the community.

Now that I’ve gone off topic as always, until next time.