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“T” is for Teaching and Translating Shen

So, everyone,  the word of the day is “teacher” . A word abused more often than not among people.  This word is a curse throughout the history of my religious journey, and I have a horrible trigger when it comes to “teachers”. I have been faced with those who both abuse others and mislabel themselves with this term.  It’s not a rigid role, it doesn’t have singular meaning, and it’s not a role to be taken lightly.

Is this a role I would ever try to obtain?

Considering my own experiences, probably not. I’m not in the mindset of wanting nor feeling qualified to take the steps to be responsible for the guiding and education of others. My mentality is if They threw me off the dock to teach me to swim, others can experience that too. The best lessons are the ones learned the hard way and not handed out. Now, that doesn’t mean I’m going to be an unhelpful person. If someone asks questions, I’m going to answer. I’m going to help when I can and when I feel like it.

It’s not my role to intercede on everyone’s behalf, but it is in my code to assist those I care about. If they happen to learn something from it, it’s a bonus for all of the parties involved. I take a different approach in regards to my personal path. I have built my own way and refuse to speak in place of others. If I’m asked to speak about my opinions on others and how other paths function from my own perspective, I sometimes will feel inclined to speak, but I will NOT speak the words others (whether they are Kemetic or other paths) are entitled to speak.

Now here comes the complicated part.

My work from my Mri-ib includes Storytelling and spreading Their names to the world.

Isn’t that a form of teaching?

Well now, that complicates things.

Now for even more complication.

For anyone who read the two posts on my system of Shen, the purpose of the Study Guide will be familiar to you. For speedy context and or reminder: I took an already created system (The Book Of Doors Oracle), turned it on its head, and appropriated the system based on my own sensibilities. The system is used as a direct channel to Them and to the connections to the universe around us. For those interested in diving deeper towards the core principles of the system (of which I have one interested so far), I have created a study guide to be studied to allow for the ability to eventually not need me as the intermediary.

Now, this sounded like a bad idea at first glance. Why would I create a system that dives so deeply to the cores of my beliefs and give the potential for others to run amok with it? My answer: It’s not my job to babysit all of the people I meet. If the information I’m going to offer is going to be abused,  it doesn’t matter if I give the system to others to run with the information or if I do the readings myself. If I’m going to completely restrict what others can and can’t do with the system after I’m giving them my trust, how much do I actually trust them?

It was imperative to start my work in Opet by finishing the guide, so at the entry of the festival, I had completed one of my tasks The Hidden One deemed to me.

“T” is for teaching and translating Shen, because both roles define my current thought process and shadow wrestling.


“G” is for Guidance from the Winds

I was at a loss for what I wanted to do for “G”, and I thought about it a bit as the wind is trying to break through the rickety house I’m living in. The wind, one of my fathers, Shu, the one whose voice flows deep within my heart. He is one of the ones who has guided me since I was released to the others by the Two Sisters. He has been a large part of my life when times were rough and the times when I wasn’t sure in myself. Today seems to be one of those days as He is violently rapping at my windows.

I have found that Shu is one of the lesser known deities in the Heliopolitan Ennead and it saddens me. His role varies as he has been blended with the others over time. Three of them include Heka, Anhur, and Tehuti. I haven’t encountered any of His joined forms. I have had glimpses of  Them, but not contact. I know Him as the Messenger of the Light of the East and the Keeper of the First Breath.

Shu speaks the clearest to me and has helped me to get a handle on the bursting lightbulb moments which follows the scrolling marque of overloaded information and the moments when I wanted to let go and just stop it all. It would make sense that when I’m trying to think of a post, the messenger would come and make Himself known. In knowing Him, I can find clarity in his guidance and I can find clarity in messages, both on this realm and among the Heavens.

When Shu comes a knocking it means He has a message and I need to call Him, so until next time.