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Whew! Time Keeps Rolling On…..

I’ve never been good about keeping up when make overtly complicated plans for myself. Actually, there are very few things I get done in a timely manner if they get done at all.

It took me 2 years to get a 101 class based in the reconciliation of ancient societal ritual systems around the Netjeru to our smaller scaled rapid lifestyles built and proposed to be hosted at a local venue.


Less than a month away, I have my first opportunity to have an outreach to the community at large. I am both nervous and excited at the same time. The only caveat is that if less than 4 people sign up, the class is cancelled. I am hoping to have a decent turnout.

In other news, all of the projects. 

And I do mean, ALL of the projects.

On the end of crafting projects is the continuation of the mini-icons of the Netjeru I have been working on for years now. The design keeps changing, but I’m not as concerned, because I love the act of bead-weaving. However, the bead icons have been meeting their match with the itchiness I feel to paint and draw. It’s been so long since I touched brushes, inks, and charcoal. I haven’t had too many moments to sit down and start myself off and running. The supplies stare at me almost as much as my statues.

I’ve been very active ritually, which involves calendar scheduling version 21 (I’m not sure if it is actually 21 times, but it sure feels like it). With the connections rekindling between myself and Netjers whom I have not worked with in quite some time, I made the decision to go through the schedule on Feasts of Light: Celebrations for the Seasons of Life based on the Egyptian Goddess Mysteries by Normandi Ellis. I mapped the days from the modern calendar to what I am going to use year in and year out (August 1st is 1 Akhet 1 for those interested).  Along with following the ritual structure put forward by Ellis’ book, I am building schedules for Amon, Djehuti, Shu, and Khons (there are others, but they’re much easier to compile *cough* Set *cough*) utilizing a spreadsheet from a friend and a multitude of sources at my fingertips.

I’m going to say this, but we’ll see how well I hold up on it.

More posts to come, and in shorter time-spans than years apart. XD


All of the Projects

My life has been chalked full of hectic and stepping back to take a deep breath has not been able to peek its way into my schedule.  I can almost count this post as my deep breath.

Work has been wonderful in the way that I don’t necessarily have to fake I’m working. It has allowed me to be able to sit and work on my beading projects when I’ve had downtime. Whether it’s creating new designs or implementing designs I’ve been able to create a diverse inventory (Etsy shop update will happen soon).

As always, I’m finding more thinky-thoughts and projects to add to my already long list. It doesn’t seem like my brain or my Ib are going to stop anytime soon. That just means I’m the embodiment of the flood. The snow hasn’t even melted yet and I’m bursting at the seams. It must be an ice dam.

I was asked by a local shop last year if I would be willing to present a Kemetic Mythology 101 as a class for their store, and as it would be, I have been letting my anxiety hold me back in different respects to completing the proposal. There is a large amount of information and sourcing I can utilize, but it’s been very overwhelming in my attempts to decide what information I want to present and how I want to present it to the audience. I already know the why I want to do this, and that’s been keeping me from abandoning the project. I told myself I will hone in after my cultural holidays have left and now they are gone.

However, something else has taken precedence. The main focus of my non-work related life has become my costume for the Paganicon Ball in March. The theme is “Primal Mysteries” and the theme of my costume is a tribute to Amon-Re. I have the dress I’m going to be tweaking, but now it is a question of what to use and creating like crazy.

In symbolic terms, I’m currently a spider. I attempt to avoid squishing from large books and weave like crazy, because deadlines and He deserves my attention currently.

“T” is for Traversing Opet

On my calendar Opet started on September 30th (three almost four days ago), and I haven’t started much of anything.

Scratch that, I joined the emboatening crew making the initial donation using the referring amount (when I get paid this week, I will be making a donation out of my pocket). I started my Etsy shop and a GoFundMe fundraiser. I have brought myself halfway out of the emotional rut I was in. I should probably amend that statement to say “I haven’t started much of anything ‘ritual’ wise’ for Opet”.

The Netjeru waiting to be involved in my Opet adventure have been patiently waiting for me to be ready to start the other path. The tasks I have achieved listed above is one of two paths I’m traversing for Opet. The paths have intersection, but they also have diverging tasks I am going to be achieving. Assuming the intensity of the path of the “hidden silence” is the reason why They have been waiting for me to be ready.

I am NOT going to half-ass what I need to do. I can’t say if I want “it”, because I don’t know what “it” is yet. Even if I did know “it” and didn’t want “it”, I need to do “it” whatever “it” is.

Just as the old way of the festival was the journey down the Nile, my internal journey is also set in a similar setting. The Nile was both a realm of mystery, danger, and a necessary foundation to the collection of people who lived within the realms of the Netjeru. My own collection of selves is dependent on a similar core of mystery, danger, and foundation. The journey the Pharaoh took during Opet was both a statement to the world, and I imagine, a statement to themselves. This journey I will be undertaking doesn’t have the clear cut statements to the world the Pharaoh had, because I am not Nisut (nor do I accept any current claims of Nisut), I am Makhaut (The word Makhaut is a word for “family” I found in translation and I use it as such).

I’m still debating whether I will keep an online log of my work or if I will keep it to myself. I’m still wrestling with the running-mouth-I-want-to-tell-everyone-everything-I-talk-too-much, so we shall see what happens when it happens. “T” is for traversing Opet, because my boat is about to set sail.

“S” is for Shops

I have set up my Etsy shop and here it is:

I welcome any thoughts and constructive criticism. There will be more items listed, but I wanted to get it opened so I think seven is a good number to start with. It’s been a weird week, and I’m surprised at how I’ve been taking leaps with everything. I welcome it, but it’s surprising.

I also have a GoFundMe account to try and get some boost with this whole wanting to not be in the grind forever. The site is here:

I’m trying to tell myself it’s okay to ask for help with this project. I’m so used to the mindset of “someone has it worse, so I shouldn’t ask for what I should get on my own”. It’s not that I’m greedy or that I’m going to run away with the money. I want financial help specifically so I can do this project.

I am going to work my butt off to get this rolling. I still have to create the Logo and the banner on the computer, but I have a drawing of what it’s going to be.

For a reminder as to what this is all about, see this post:

“S” is for Shop, because mine is now open for business.

“R” is for the Reign of the Hidden and “S” is for Starting anew

As Opet approaches I find myself looking deeper and deeper for, well, everything.

I’ve been having a rough time with life in general. I haven’t been happy with the requirements bestowed upon me with living in this time on this plane of existence (bills, work, familial interactions, and other aspects in general). I have been trying my damnednest to make it all work, or have I? Have I really sat down and stopped myself long enough to actually think about/change what is happening?

I suppose I really haven’t put much in place of anything. I have all of these ideas and desires of what I want to do, and the rational/Debbie-Downer part of me is holding me back from taking any actual risks. What if it doesn’t work? What if I fall short?

As I begin to explore what the Netjeru expect of me during Opet, I will walk a parallel path in to diving in to the unknown of the here and now. The parallel path is why my post covers two intersecting topics for two different letters. Isn’t that what the hidden is, what is right in front of us waiting to be found? Something “new” we haven’t seen? Isn’t it the results of the work we may not see, but certainly experience?

So as Opet approaches I made the giant leap and have started to grab a hold of my own wheel and I’m going to spin it myself. I have taken the first leap and am nervous/excited to announce my project: HiddenSight Creations.

This is the name of my new shop in Etsy and is the name of my ongoing project. The project can be summed up like this: I want to eventually be able to allow myself to be supported by my creative ventures. I want this project to be a network with others on collaborative projects in everything from artwork, jewelry, film, video games, music, and other creative ventures with an emphasis on spirituality of all colors and regions.

I feel that although there are influences out there, it tends to be more tailored towards popular ventures, ie a pagan store that sells Goddess imagery (I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, just that I see it more often than not), or movies like “The Mummy” (which all I need to say is five canopic jars, guys). I want to be able to create my work that is with my own “voice and experience” and to create a network with a far-reaching group that explores spirituality for what is for them and to help give people the tools to express themselves to the world.

I’m finalizing the logisitics and will have the link up in a different for everyone’s curious eyes as to what I do, and am going to do.

With that, “R” is for reign of the hidden, because of the personal influences currently helping with the steering, and “S” is for starting anew, because I refuse to fall any further and up I go.

“P” is for Preparing for the Year: Closing the Year, Days Upon the Year, and Wep Ronpet

Whew, this has been a long week, both strengthening and weakening me. Scattered throughout this post are snapshots of the devotional pieces I worked on for the five born upon the year. I may make posts explaining the process and how each one works for Their representations.

The last year has been closed tightly and lessons were learned in the time passed and new lessons were learned from the experience. I haven’t done that much me work in, oh, let’s say ever. The parties involved drove the point home of work on this every so often. It was exhilarating and terrifying mixed in to one. Closure is nice and I had a moment of validation of I’m-doing-this-right.


One of the closing rituals was a cutting and mending. The main goal was to cut the ties to someone I don’t want anything to do with anymore. A couple of days after I did the ritual, I got a message from him. I at first felt angry, because I just took the time to cut away that thread. A couple of my friends commented that it meant I did it right, because he felt that absence. There is something very fulfilling to knowing validation has occurred.Set

The first two Days Upon the Year went smoothly. I know Heru-Wr and Set were content with the results of the meditations, prayers, and devotional jewelry pieces. The next three days were a different story. I received a migraine of which I haven’t had in a while. I was laid up Saturday, Sunday, I was starting to feel better Monday, and I’m almost done here on Tuesday. I didn’t do the same work for Asar, Aset, and Nebt-Het. The puzzling thing is, I don’t feel like a failure for not doing the same work I did for Heru-Wr and Set.Asar

I have theories as to why this occurred, but I’m not going to think about pinpointing it until after the excitement settles. I think the main reason has to do with overextending myself and the energy it takes to work on each “project”. Since I’m still new at doing magic and ritual on a deep level, I may have pushed too hard, and They wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to break myself.  I was able to get all of the devotional pieces done in time for Wep Ronpet.

AsetI have decided to use tonight to make my resolutions for the year, and what I would like to focus on. They appreciate when I share/report what I’m doing and thinking. I was originally going to do resolutions and renewing/reviewing my oath with He who is my Beloved. I feel I do Him injustice by trying to cram incredibly important work together in one day (especially since my days are taken mostly by work). I am happy with the start of this new year and I look forward to what may come. “P” is for Preparing for the Year, because now is the best time to prepare as ever.Nebt-Het

“J” is for Journeying on a Path laced with Beads and Jewelry

What can I say? I’m a beading-craftaholic and it makes perfect sense the post for this letter couldn’t be any other thing. I am not going to include pictures as they are sporadic and unorganized to the point of I-don’t-want-to-deal-with-it-right-now, but included in this post is a rundown of a little history, and a written blueprint of plans for current/future projects in regards of my jewelry-laced path.

I grew up learning different crafts like sewing, beading, braiding, and others. When I hit about thirteen, I didn’t craft much at all anymore as soccer, school, video games, and extracurricular research took up most of my time and interest. It wasn’t until college I would start to explore jewelry making again.

The later part of my college career was very hectic on many levels and stress management was not one of my fortes (many times, especially recently, it still isn’t). I knew I needed, for my own stability, to have projects not school related to help me unwind when life was too stressful. I started looking at beading again and it took off to become a prominent piece of my current lifestyle.

The over-arching project I’m undertaking with the jewelry-making is to make it a sustainable source of income in the future. I started to take a look at the functions it has had not just as a stress-relief, but as a lifestyle. This exploration has led me to where I’m at now with attempting to merge the spiritual with my everyday facets.

I have been in and out of pseudo-identity-label crises throughout the years in regards to religious practice and what position I want to take in regards to my own practice. I’m not a priestess in the hard-recon sense and although that was my original goal, my path is no longer anywhere near that part of the spectrum. I sat down and thought about the different societal functions and found the “priesty” aspect is in fact very small both in my life and what I have found studying the ancient Egyptians. I became enamored with the idea of being an artisan/priestess hybrid.

I’ve become interested in crafting (specifically beading) as manifestation work and community involvement. Some of the projects I hope to test and if successful give my services to the community at large.

Base Jewelry as I like to call them (necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings) are all going to be created both on a non-spiritual level and as “amulets”. I don’t want to limit my outreach base by saying, “I’m going to only make X jewelry for X people”. The only aspect I want exclusive is it’s made by me. There will be an inventory of non-individual based pieces to feed the resources to make the commission based ones, but I would like to have an emphasis on commission based.

The “amulets” I would make with intent would be commission based and not necessarily just Kemetically themed. They are going to be made based on and for the individual who is going to own them. I’m currently testing how to control the energy and intent behind the design and the crafting of each piece in regards to the more energetically charged pieces.

A little further specific in the “necklace” category is the usekh. For those unfamiliar with the concept, it’s the collar piece worn by the upper class. This project has been on hiatus after I have tried to assemble it four or five different ways, and I have banked over fifty or sixty hours on it. It’s back to the drawing board for that one.

A category within the commissions would include icons. These will not necessarily be jewelry, but they could be. I follow different Netjeru where either statuary is expensive or they are not made for a variety of reasons, and so I came up with the idea to make pieces for myself for different Netjeru (including some I have statues for). This is a work in progress and there are no finished products yet. The work with icons and beads is also something I’m going to experiment with on canvases. The pieces would have beads, paint, and maybe even clay (I haven’t figured out exactly what I want to do yet).

I could go on and on about all of the ideas and projects I have, but long post is long and I think as I have substance, each one of these can their own posts and photo albums of progress. What started as stress relief is now a calling. With how penetrating beading and even beyond that, crafting, is in my life; it makes sense that my path is journeying laced with beads and jewelry.

“I” is for Inklings of a Troubled Present and Intentions for the Future

There was a discussion months back in the eCauldron chat about what we would all be doing if our livelihoods didn’t depend on currency. It got me thinking about what I really wanted to do with my life. Whenever I’ve been asked about where I want to be, whether it’s a month from now, or years from now, it’s been different a different answer every time. A few days after the conversation, I really started to think about me, where I wanted to be, and what I wanted to do. This has been an eye-opening self-therapy session.

I want to create. I want to create items. I want to create another link in the chain of the stories of my Makhaut and make a home worthy of them. I would spend my days meditating, praying, researching, storytelling, talking with friends, and crafting. It was funny and sad when I came to this simple conclusion. All I currently really want out of life is to make shiny items, the Netjeru, friendship, happiness, and me. The fact I think of these as far and distant really hit me hard. The realization really made me sit down and evaluate why these simple things were so distant. The realization has leaked over to my Heka, Ka, Ba, Monster, and Khait work to make my life better.

My one-month to six-month plan is to have a place to live and a new job. Toxic is toxic and both my job and my living space is stocked heavily in shit strewn with a multitude of emotionally abusive circumstances. I’m not going in to any more details, because it’s still hard to talk about, and it’s the talk between others I trust and me.

My five year plan includes getting out of the debt-hole I got myself in to. I’m not as bad as others are, but it’s bad enough to where I could have other things lined up if I didn’t have the amount of unnecessary bills. This is priority one. It’s been an unnecessary stress and a hard lesson to learn.

My ongoing plan is to move somewhere out of the present state. People say home is where the heart is, and my heart isn’t feeling the location nor the people who reside here. I’ve lived here for a large portion of my life, but I still feel incredibly distant from the native people and their norms. I come from a different value system with different social cues. The differences between my social behavior and the behavior accepted in the area have driven wedges between others and me.

I wouldn’t say the people here are horrid, but even being among outsiders has put me at the minority of the minority. The number of people in meat-space in this area who can be counted as true friends can be counted on a single hand. It isn’t a bad circumstance, but when it jumps from friend to people who don’t give two shits about me, there is a problem. The conclusion has been this is my location, this is not my home.

I’ve been feeling rather wanderlust yet yearn for the sense of “home”. It saddens me to not have a way to see outside of what there is out there for me and to try and figure out where I want to be. It has been uplifting talking to others about plans and ways to achieve this goal. It has filled me with a renewed sense of adventure and excitement I haven’t felt for a while. This is why “I” is for Inklings of a troubled present and intentions for the future, because from the sadness I’m feeling, the hope I’m going to realize will lead me towards the happiness I’m working to gain back.

PBP: “H” is for Heka

There is going to be a string of PBP posts to get me caught up. You have been warned. Recently, my posting has been quiet due to life stresses and trying to figure stupid stresses out (aka I need a new job and I have to find a place to live by August 1st). I’m still alive and kicking, I swear. This post has taken a bit of my remaining sanity away and has been hair-pulling, but I wanted and I think I needed to make this post.

On the spiritual end of my current status, my goals and practices have been tied very tightly to practicing Heka. I could sit here and list out about ALL of theories scholars and others have about the subject. My personal belief surrounding Heka as it is a theory achieved by a way of action, so lecturing isn’t going to be rewarding for both myself and others (now if I ever write a book, then I will hit lecture/footnote mode). It’s more effective for this post to jump right in to what is Heka through my own lenses.

Heka, by my personal belief, is both a Netjer and an instructional philosophy for energetic action. I was originally more familiar with Heka as a deity rather than a method of action. I first recognized Him as the son of Khnemu and Neit (some sources will say the mother is Menhit, and it was later that I first encountered Her name). The concept of Heka is a bit trickier and less direct than as He is.

It wasn’t until last year as I became aware of how vague my methods really were, and had a system of not a large amount of ritual outside of the occasional holidays I would find here and there, I decided to hunker down and really look at what I want out of my path and what the Netjeru want from me within my path. The realization of the vague understanding of key concepts led me to zone in on the subjects and sources to put myself in a better place of understanding what I could build upon and how to build upon it properly. The first one on the list was and still is Heka (Ma’at is much easier for me to do because of the intercedings of some of the key members of my Makhaut).

Gluing together an image interpretation of the word itself has assisted me in the wrapping my own head around what Heka really is. The two hieroglyphics used to make up the concept of Heka leave much open to interpretation and shows the dualism involved. I’ve equated the twisted flax with interconnection and everlastingness. The sound of “Heh” in Heka correlates within my mind to Heh the Netjer symbolizing an eternal force of cycle (the concept of infinity in western terms is about the closest I can describe it) in the Ogdoad. The twisted flax hieroglyphic is placed within the symbol for “Ka” which is two arms outstretched, yet bent upwards at the elbow. Symbolically, the arms are embracing, reaching, and revering the concept of everlastingness/existence.

I discovered Heka could be attributed to activating a core piece of self or of others. It doesn’t have to be on a large scale as a Pharaoh would do, it can be small. It’s everything from speaking clearly, to creating with intent, to channeling, to an energetic web binding the universe together, to a gift Ra gave humanity, and a few more I’m probably forgetting off the top of my head.

Now it has come to the point of how do I apply Heka to my constantly-changing practice? The answer to that question is very simple: make things work and practice, practice, practice. Here I am, doing stuff, or at least planning to do stuff, because the list just keeps getting longer and longer. I am not going to get deep down because there is probably someone who has clicked out before this point. I don’t want to cause snores, and in that regard, here is one example.

One of my main “buckets” of projects has been based in object, tool, and amulet crafting. It has been learning to focus on the creation of different “pieces” to make them meaningful to others either with no intent other than shiny and others with a clear intent. It’s been a long, slow road, and I still think I haven’t hit the curve part yet. I’m not going to give too many examples because many of them are works in progress (aka still in planning stages).

I think the one of the “deepest” and most successful explorations I have done was with what I call “living shabtis”. I have a deep belief in appropriation based on my own personal needs and experiences. A shabti is typically a figure made to perform the work of the equivalent of a person in the afterlife in place of whom the shabti was made for. I figured I could attempt to take the core idea of creating a personable, interactive manifestation to help me in my own life where my focuses lie, because I believe that the life and afterlife are different levels of the same path. An object “supposedly” made for the “afterlife” isn’t limited to that area I’m not at yet. I also believe in the objects as having souls or can house souls, so then the real leap was the manifestation aspect.

There are three created using three different techniques and invoking three different pairs of Netjerus. For the record, I did use stuffed animals for this piece because my 3D creation skills leave much to be desired, and that is a project for a much later date. The three of them each have different functions. The first one was created by techniques influenced / invoking Shu and Neit. The second one was created by techniques influenced / invoking Bast and Ptah. The last one was created by techniques influenced / invoking Khnemu and Geb. I was very impressed with the results and I felt a bit closer to understanding what I can be capable of.

The main point of Heka as I understand it is not the amount of output, but what is being outputted. Am I speaking with clear intent, and am I working to fulfill my potential in the universe are the main questions I answer in regards to Heka. The answer to those two questions leads me to say “H” is for Heka, and it is one of my eternal Works.

“G” is for Grasping for Threads

Oh boy, more project information for everyone. The one thing I have to say before I begin: WHY CAN’T I BE ABLE TO PICK ONE PROJECT, JUST ONE? WHY DO I KEEP LATCHING ON TO STUFF?


Okay, crisis is done. I just wanted to scream it to the world. Anywhos, on to the project.

So, I am working with a distinct puzzle. Some of the Neters I worship don’t have statues premade, and sculpting is not one of my strong pursuits. Other Neters I want to connect to better and don’t necessarily have a strong enough line so to speak. It feels like someone looking in the storefront window, peeking in sometimes like a creeper, but I can’t hear nor feel Them distinctly. It bugs me greatly to some degree.

I have found a solution when I was out shopping for beads a while back. I sometimes look at bead packs and they remind me of different deities and themes. I’d like to think it’s a unique skill rather than a weird one. I am going to make jewelry pieces (like necklaces) utilizing the concrete symbol of the Neter and channeling what I know them to embody.

I am hoping that these pieces can be used to find the missing link allowing me to connect to Them. Even for the ones I have statues and/or strong connections with, I am still going to make ones for Them, because why not? It will also help to see whether I am finding the answer to my puzzle or am chasing shades (I can’t say wild goose chase cause that means I’m finding Geb, which would confirm not disapprove), and help with channeling because I want to get better at it.

I can say the first ones I am working on are for Set (who is part of my inner circle), Khons (the current trololololo and creeper in the window), Nut (is poking a little bit), and Ptah (He’s in the window). I still haven’t decided whether to post the finished pictures of each one. I’m not sure yet if it is something to share with the world or something to just give some insight to the world. I may talk a little about the process and how it is going as I get on to moving along with it. This will be a long term project as the number I want to do is fairly high and could grow. There are so many unknowns I am at the point of just “doing” rather than just “guessing”.

Therefore, “G” is for grasping for threads, because I know I will be grasping for threads for a while.