….and the beat goes on in to the next year.

It’s been a some time  since my last post. In less than 1.5 months it is Paganicon time, and I’m in the process of finalizing the talk with my co-presenter, veggiewolf. Here is a brief overview for those interested:

The Journey of the Sun: Paving the Way Within the World

Existence is a cycle without end.  While forms and functions change, the essence remains intact and continues beyond physical representations.

In Kemeticism, this cycle is personified by the journey of the Sun.  The Sun rises and travels across the sky, then sinks below the horizon to traverse the Duat.  This journey is not from Heaven to Underworld, or even from Earth to Underworld – all realms traveled are within one world that spans the physical and the non-physical, the individual and the Community.

This session will explore the importance of this cycle and other parallel cycles, with the intent of recognizing and applying them in an Interfaith Community and in daily life.

I’m extremely nervous and excited for the opportunity to speak to the community in a larger setting and to practice lecturing and making sure it’s a route I really want to pursue.

Financially speaking, I am looking at having my debt paid off at about the end of June, which will mean I will be able to save money, acquire some of the harder to find sources, and have a large source of stress off my back.

Work is, work, I guess. It’s not as bad as the previous toxic environment, but some of the days causes me to want to run out the door and never look back. I am looking at starting some projects that I can work on when I have a break in the day. I have been working through my lunches, and while it helps to get all of my tasks done, it’s burning me out way too fast. I need to balance the negative stress with a positive stress.

I decided to start this year with a goal of at least one blog post every month so here is an update, and even though this is the last day of the month, happy January!


About Neteruhemta

I am a follower of the Netjeru (Ancient Egyptian Pantheon), a crafter, and a gamer. This blog illustrates and explains my religious experiences attempting to reconcile the ancient information scattered with the modern reality I presently exist in.

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