“L” is for Linking Practice with Life and Dissecting Relationships using THE BOARD

I used to think the worlds between the divine and the mundane were separate and the only bridged rigidly in “work” related circumstances. Recently, I have broken down the walls I created and have explored what it really means to connect myself to the divine within everything. I already had a pre-existing philosophy of everything having a soul, but I never applied it to anything outside of “existing with intent” until last October.

With the infant idea of weaving webs in reality rather than making walls, I have been assisted in the reworking of my practice by THE BOARD. THE BOARD was an idea introduced by Kiya Nicoll on eCauldron chat as a method to organize all of the thinky-thoughts/concepts apparently flitting about in their own directions making people crazy. It’s a method to help make sense of how all of the “stuff” can all connect and work together. She described it as mimicking the diagrams used when investigators are taking pieces of evidence to solve a mystery or a crime. A bulletin board (or two in my case) is covered in post-it notes with words, tacked on to the board, and connected by yarn.

I decided with all that was going along on my path and my issue with “ooh shiny” all over the place, to make one of my own. It helped me to take the internal and make it something that can be moved around on a diagram. I can now really analyze what I do or plan to do, Who I’m actually working with, and what connects where and why. With the move I had (a couple of days ago), my BOARD took a beating and needs some TLC, but the setup isn’t going to change drastically.

The post-its are categorized on my board as follows:
– Blue: Netjeru
– Pink: Craft Projects
– Orange: Study subjects or study materials
– Yellow: Concepts
– Purple: Tools

I started writing the sticky notes and found the best way to pattern the board for my practice was to base it on Netjeru relationship-categories. It has helped to really take a look at who I work with, and the how/why I work with Them. It seemed throughout this process, I was no longer going through the motions of practice, but really thinking about what I actually DO and what I can DO.

Other major points were found as the board developed:

– 1. Crafting is a mainstay and it should become viable not just spiritually, but in my lifestyle (I knew this already, but nail driven home is driven home).

– 2. I should update my prayers/rituals/all of the other pomp to what I am doing now (craft-book projects here I come).

– 3. My divinational system started out organized and has begun to fracture. It is a deeper part of my practice and communication. I will be revamping the systems

– 4. The different relationships I have are stronger with some of the Netjeru, and there has been an outreach from a couple of Them to deepen the relationship I have I missed along the way (smack to the head required and oblivious is oblivious).

So what I get out of all of this? I receive a ramping up in activities, the ability to begin to make a consistent schedule that makes sense, and some footprints to guide me along my path. This is why “L” is for linking practice with life and dissecting relationships using THE BOARD. I would have had a harder time figuring out what I have had beside me all along and it would have been much further down the line.


About Neteruhemta

I am a follower of the Netjeru (Ancient Egyptian Pantheon), a crafter, and a gamer. This blog illustrates and explains my religious experiences attempting to reconcile the ancient information scattered with the modern reality I presently exist in.

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