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“G” is for Grasping for Threads

Oh boy, more project information for everyone. The one thing I have to say before I begin: WHY CAN’T I BE ABLE TO PICK ONE PROJECT, JUST ONE? WHY DO I KEEP LATCHING ON TO STUFF?


Okay, crisis is done. I just wanted to scream it to the world. Anywhos, on to the project.

So, I am working with a distinct puzzle. Some of the Neters I worship don’t have statues premade, and sculpting is not one of my strong pursuits. Other Neters I want to connect to better and don’t necessarily have a strong enough line so to speak. It feels like someone looking in the storefront window, peeking in sometimes like a creeper, but I can’t hear nor feel Them distinctly. It bugs me greatly to some degree.

I have found a solution when I was out shopping for beads a while back. I sometimes look at bead packs and they remind me of different deities and themes. I’d like to think it’s a unique skill rather than a weird one. I am going to make jewelry pieces (like necklaces) utilizing the concrete symbol of the Neter and channeling what I know them to embody.

I am hoping that these pieces can be used to find the missing link allowing me to connect to Them. Even for the ones I have statues and/or strong connections with, I am still going to make ones for Them, because why not? It will also help to see whether I am finding the answer to my puzzle or am chasing shades (I can’t say wild goose chase cause that means I’m finding Geb, which would confirm not disapprove), and help with channeling because I want to get better at it.

I can say the first ones I am working on are for Set (who is part of my inner circle), Khons (the current trololololo and creeper in the window), Nut (is poking a little bit), and Ptah (He’s in the window). I still haven’t decided whether to post the finished pictures of each one. I’m not sure yet if it is something to share with the world or something to just give some insight to the world. I may talk a little about the process and how it is going as I get on to moving along with it. This will be a long term project as the number I want to do is fairly high and could grow. There are so many unknowns I am at the point of just “doing” rather than just “guessing”.

Therefore, “G” is for grasping for threads, because I know I will be grasping for threads for a while.


“G” is for Guidance from the Winds

I was at a loss for what I wanted to do for “G”, and I thought about it a bit as the wind is trying to break through the rickety house I’m living in. The wind, one of my fathers, Shu, the one whose voice flows deep within my heart. He is one of the ones who has guided me since I was released to the others by the Two Sisters. He has been a large part of my life when times were rough and the times when I wasn’t sure in myself. Today seems to be one of those days as He is violently rapping at my windows.

I have found that Shu is one of the lesser known deities in the Heliopolitan Ennead and it saddens me. His role varies as he has been blended with the others over time. Three of them include Heka, Anhur, and Tehuti. I haven’t encountered any of His joined forms. I have had glimpses of  Them, but not contact. I know Him as the Messenger of the Light of the East and the Keeper of the First Breath.

Shu speaks the clearest to me and has helped me to get a handle on the bursting lightbulb moments which follows the scrolling marque of overloaded information and the moments when I wanted to let go and just stop it all. It would make sense that when I’m trying to think of a post, the messenger would come and make Himself known. In knowing Him, I can find clarity in his guidance and I can find clarity in messages, both on this realm and among the Heavens.

When Shu comes a knocking it means He has a message and I need to call Him, so until next time.

“F” is for Fishing is in my life

Ha, ha! Guess who is behind? I figure it’s nothing new. I get stints where the brain won’t think, other times where it’s over-thinking, and times where it’s just melting. Even worse than that is not knowing which point I’m at (enter now). From what I have been able to gather, it’s the theme of fishes and fishing that’s causing gesticulation on a grand scale.

In my day-to-day life, I’ve been fishing for “the rare catch”(which includes bait as a resume and cover letter), and sorting through the other fishes I already have to find what I want/can do to do day-to-day to make life better, so I’m not depressed. I know one of the baskets of fish I want to work with is getting is filled with the crafting, the art, and the film. I was recently talking to my dad and he was encouraging me to make more jewelry and actually sell it (because yeah, I have separation anxiety in regards to shinies, and paranoia that it’s going to not sell/it’s going to break apart).

My Dad has been very supportive and has promised me a corner in his workshop when it’s finished. I would have a place where I could get in to the “right mindset” and make colorful, beaded fishing wires to lure people in (fishing with shinies, all of the shinies to find PEOPLE). At the point I would have enough of an inventory and organization to make something happen, it will cause more tendency towards stability.

Now here we go onto the mind-melt/head-meets-desk portion of fishing. A couple of years ago I acquired the Faulkner version of the “Coffin Texts” and for many different reasons was not able to begin to look through them. I’ve always been much more familiar with the “Book of Pert-em-Hru” (“Book of Coming forth by Day” = “Book of the Dead” – I don’t like the second title because it limits the understanding and use of the subject matter), so I was not prepared for the subject matters mind-blowing content. I was finally able to dive in a few months ago and the melting/excitement began. It was something of an information overload due to all of the THINGS I could work with and use in practice.

There were some specific entries that captured my attention, but I wouldn’t find a real focus until I was reading a different book and saw a picture that still baffles and entices me. The picture was a line of three priests and they were armed with what was interpreted as fishing nets. They were using fishing nets to work magic. The image and idea burned in to my mind and has been driving me a tad nutty since it happened. I latched on to the idea of making a net and wanting to create a ritual based on the net.

I went back to the “Coffin Texts” and went through different spells that included fish and fishing (because CONTEXT is important), and am looking at sources that speak about daily life (cause yeah, people FISHED).  It will take me a while to build the ritual, build the net, and inspect the results. Even if what I’m going to end up doing is unsuccessful, at least I can say I made the effort to follow the obsessive impulses that happen in my wobbly head. When I’m further along, I will have status updates.

But yes, “F” is for fishing and it’s in my life.