The crack of twilight before the dawn

I figured I may as well let people know I’m not dead yet (the blog has been for awhile, but not me). I am in deep preparation for my first post for the “Pagan Blog Project 2013”. I’m stoked and nervous all rolled in to one. The post will be about an aspect of my practice that is near and dear to my heart. I don’t want to give anything away so on to other topics.

Many of the grandiose plans I had to get my lazy bones moving on projects fell by the wayside because of trying to get a handle on a very stressful period on my rollercoaster of a life. Here is a breakdown on what I have scrapped, half-assed, and achieved success at.

Remembering ritual days and working on a good calender has been put on a backburner for the time being. I have found my sensibilities and active Netjeru are so fluid that if I catch a day, it’s meant to be. If I don’t catch the days or feasts, it wasn’t meant to happen yet. I have yet to get backlash from the Netjeru and until I do, I’m not going to stress the little details.

I was working on a usekh (the collars we all know and love) and had put over 60 hours in the blasted thing and in that time, scrapped and started over at least five times. It’s been put on hold for the sake of my sanity. I’m determined to finish it, but gods, it’s too much at once. I am still beading, but necklaces and other smaller experiments are being created. Along with this is a mixed media project including canvases and beads.

I have begun to paint again and am working on an eight-piece minimalist/hieroglyphic series chronicling the creation of the Universe based on my “interpretative” creation story. I will have photos of the paintings as they progress, but they are in the beginning stages, it’s not as interesting as I hope they will be later on.

I have begun to revisit my books and re-collect how and what I know along with digging deep to find what I want to know more about. I would like to think I have a wealth of knowledge, but I know I’ve only scratched the surface. Given how much mis-information I am finding I learned, it’s going to be a long path. I’m looking forward to it.

I have created the candle-holder that is the symbol of me in the hearth my roommate and I have at our home. We have yet to fully consecrate but we are in steady preparation for the time it will be. You can see what it looks like below!

Hearth Candle

There is probably much more I am forgetting on my long list, but I needed to blow some steam off as I have been in spiritual-work-overdrive mode since I came home tonight. In that flurry, I had a hankering to revive the old-young blog before Friday and give people something to read. I would say I’m sorry if I bored you, but that’s just not true in my book. I always like to hear what others are working on, and I hope there are some souls out there who feel the same way and enjoyed my rambling. Until next time, cheers!


About Neteruhemta

I am a follower of the Netjeru (Ancient Egyptian Pantheon), a crafter, and a gamer. This blog illustrates and explains my religious experiences attempting to reconcile the ancient information scattered with the modern reality I presently exist in.

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