Opet Preparation

Yeah……a failure of epic proportions on my part for a post a day. Granted I have been busy, but still, I shouldn’t make excuses.  Opet starts this coming weekend and will be the longest ritual period I have done and the first I have done for those other than the Ennead.

The first “work” done for Opet was deciding what it would mean to me. The festival was based in the New Kingdom period mainly and it was to legitimize the Pharaoh as the son of Amun/Amon/Amon-Re/Amun-Ra (however you want to call him, I prefer Amon-Re so from here on out that is what I will be referring to him as). It was a celebration of the Theban Triad (Amon-Re, Mut, and Khons). Since I am not in a position of Pharaoh or “high priest(ess) (thank the gods for that), I decided to work on what Opet should be in my own circumstances.

Even though I haven’t done much work in comparison to some of the other groupings, the Theban Triad does hold a special place in my heart. They have been there in some cases and have helped my understanding of the “hidden” forces of the universe and where I could fit in.

Amon-Re is the “hidden one”. His power works behind the scenes and in the shadows. The end result of His work can’t be recognized as well by an untrained eye. His existence is the exploration of the the mechanics not readily seen (think of it like the crew under the stage of a play).

Mut is the “Mother of Mothers and the Father of Fathers”. She is a hermaphroditic goddess whom can be said to have created herself in the realm of Nun. She is a strict but caring authority figure to be taken seriously but does not treat others harshly. Just as Amon-Re was whom the Pharaoh was tied to, Mut was whom the Queens and female Pharaohs sought representation with. In my own life, Mut has been a protecting force and has on occasion directed me towards silencing myself and to learn from the silence. 

The son of Amon-Re and Mut to complete the triad was Khons. His name is said to stand for “traveller” or “journey”. He is of the moon and his sign is a circle on top of a crescent. In my dealings with him, he works as one of the tricksters in my life. He makes himself known to me constantly as pushing me to see something “more” in my studies and SerNeteru readings. In one set of myths, when Djehuti was playing Senet with the Moon for light for Nut’s children, Khons was said to be the on he played against. Just as Ra has one lifetime in a day, Khons has the same cycle along unknown (to me) points in time. He can be a young boy with a side-lock, a wrapped man, or a falcon-headed warrior with His signature headdress. When he has come to me, the form never mattered and like Amon-Re, it was the presence of Him that was the identifier.

Taking a look at how the triad works its ways in to my life has caused me to take a different approach to Opet.  Rather than the political justification the festival is known for, the focus of the festival will be to grow within and in my own spiritual life to learn to “see” the “hidden”, to hear in the silence, and to embrace the growing relationship I have with the triad. The festival is to know Them and to learn from Them.

From the decision of the focus came to what to actually do for it. I came up with a ritual format I decided to test out at Wep Ronpet and Wag that I now think, after nine years of trial and error, works for me. It includes scholarly collected readings, meditation, divination, and offerings.

I have gone through a set of books by Miriam Lichtheim to find some collected readings I would like to use throughout Opet. I have not decided on the form of divination I would like to utilise yet, but I may look other forms that were used, such as scrying. I still have to work on what I want to do for offerings, but I’m leaning to at least having a nice offering once or twice a week.

On the first couple of days of Opet my roommate has offered to show me where the parkways are to walk and go on my own personal “journey”. I hope to find some new insight as I would be surrounded by a new, lively area surrounding my home.

Unsurprisingly this ritual will include new jewelry pieces and talismans that will not be finished before the start of Opet, but will be worked on and finished before the end of the festival.

As the time goes by, I hope to share some of the experiences on this blog.

Until next time may the everlasting breath reach past your lips and to your heart.


About Neteruhemta

I am a follower of the Netjeru (Ancient Egyptian Pantheon), a crafter, and a gamer. This blog illustrates and explains my religious experiences attempting to reconcile the ancient information scattered with the modern reality I presently exist in.

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